Handmade, Sustainable, Dabbing Tools and Smoking Wands. 

Enhance your smoking experience

with Mystic Timber smoking tools. 

Dabbing Tools

Dab Tools

From a Carb Cap Dab Tool to a Midi Ball Dabber to Pocket Dabbers, our dabbing wands are stylish, convenient, and durable. Our tools are custom-milled by us with T2 Titanium Ball, Pic-Scoop, or flat-end Shovel tips. 

Carb Cap Dabbers

Carb Cap Dabbers

Mystic Timber’s Unique Carb Cap Dab Tool raises the industry standard once again.  You’ll be master of your rig with an ergonomically designed, wood-handled, Mystic Timber Carb Cap Dab Tool.



Smoke your handroll with class using our sturdy, top-of-the-line Beast Smoking Wands. We offer a variety of wood species and wand sizes buffed to a lustrous finish to retain their elegance for years to come.



Mystic Timber Beauty Smoking Wands create an extraordinary ambience when you. Lilting and light, or dark and mysterious, Beauty Smoking Wands are a companion from another dimension.

Minearl Wands

Mineral Healing Wands

Each unique wand is exquisitely adorned and crafted with mineral healing beads. Each beaded wand includes a description of its healing properties which are believed to aid body and mind.


At Mystic Timber, we create beautiful, one-of-a-kind smoking tools built to last. Handcrafted from chemical-free tropical and natural hardwoods, our products are fashioned by artists who care about the quality of your experience. When you pick up a Mystic Timber product, you hold an ergonomically designed wand shaped by artisans with years of knowledge and skill.

Made from a living medium, our hardwood wands feel right when it’s time to light up. No two Mystic Timber wands are identical, and each offers a quality experience for years to come.

We finish and protect your unique wand with a non-toxic proprietary wax. The elegant Beauties also have a non-toxic finish.

Delivering premium products at affordable prices, Mystic Timber tools set the standard for handcrafted, sustainably-produced luxury when you want to take time out for yourself, or share with friends. Check out our full online selection.  When you care about quality and a hand-crafted experience, choose Mystic Timber.  

Unique. Naturally.