Handmade, Sustainable, Dabbers, Carbs and Smoking Wands. 

Mystik Timber Dabbing Tools
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Mystik Timbers Mineral Wands

There is a reason most smoke shop owners who carry Mystic Timber dabbers in their stores also make one their own personal “every day tool.”

Dabbing Tools


From the compact Pocket Dabbers to the slightly larger Midi Dabbers, our dabbing wands are stylish, convenient, and durable. Our tools are custom-milled by us with your choice of three  T2 Titanium tips:  Flat Shovel, Pic / Scoop, or Classic Ball.

Carb Cap Dabbers

Carb Cap Dabbers

Mystic Timber’s Unique Carb Cap Dabbers raise the industry standard once again.  You’ll be the master of your rig with an ergonomically designed, wood-handled, Mystic Timber Carb Cap Dab Tool.



Smoke your handroll with class using our sturdy, top-of-the-line BEAST Smoking Wands. We offer a variety of wood species and wand sizes buffed to a lustrous finish to retain their elegance for years to come. You’ve never puff puff passed, until you’ve tried a Mystic Timber BEAST


At Mystic Timber, we create beautiful, natural, lightweight, one-of-a-kind wood handled dabbers, carb dabbers, and smoking wands that are built to last. Our wooden handles contain no lacquers, stains, or dyes and are just amazing specimens of the beautiful natural wood colors nature intended

Besides owning a visually stunning hand sculpted piece of nature with all the natural color, grain, and texture that comes with a hardwood, wood in general is naturally insulated and has a high heat tolerance.

Wood feels great in your hand (think of handling a pencil or a wooden spoon). Our tool’s bodies appear rectangular or square, but they have tiny beveled edges, so they actually have an 8-sided octagonal design. This not only creates an alluring ascetic, but is specifically created in such a way that makes them easy to put down without looking and not having to worry that they may ROLL OFF YOUR TABLE! 

When you care about quality and a hand-crafted experience, and aren’t looking to rubber band-wrap your dabbers, handle a heavy piece of unevenly weighted metal that sometimes overheats or tip touches the table, or risk having your dabbers fall to the floor and shatter, choose Mystic Timber.

Unique. Naturally. Do you choose a Mystic Timber wand, or does the wand choose you?