Taking Carb Tools to a Higher Level!

Pick the Best Tool for the Job at Hand

Mystic Timber’s Unique Carb Dab Tools raise the industry standard once again. No longer will you have to handle your carb with an awkward metal handle. Instead, you’ll be master of your rig with an ergonomically designed wood handle, crafted of sustainable hardwoods—and beveled and buffed to a lustrous shine with a non-toxic proprietary wax—no two Mystic Timber tools are alike!

THE PUCK and the Carb Cap both have a Grade2 Titanium Carb with one 45° angled vent hole that carborates the airflow for smooth and optimal vortextual vaporization at any temperatures.

THE PUCK, our industry-first innovation, is available with a choice of three different hand-milled titanium tips: a Ball, Pic/Scoop or Flat Shovel. It was designed to be the perfect universal all-in-one Carb Dab Tool, with a flat side for Bangers, Buckets & Troughs and a flip side that’s a graduated domed carb ready for any nail up to a 22mm diameter.

The Carb Cap tool is our wood-handled Grade 2 Titanium dab tool, available with our own custom designed switchable tips: the Shovel, Pic/ Scoop and Ball. Two wood handles are available for the Carb Cap: a 2” Pocket-size and a 3.5” Midi-size.

Mystic Timber Carb Cap Dab Tools are mounted vertically atop the carb cap, with either handle size and any of the tips. Our “Sidecar” Carb Cap Tool is horizontally positioned and mounted with the Pocket-size dabber handle.

For a consistent, reliable experience, try Mystic Timber Carb Tools! It’s the way dabbing is supposed to be!

  • One-of-a-kind tools built to last
  • Ergonomically designed so they’re comfortable in any hand
  • Hand-crafted wood handles from tropical and N. American hardwoods
  • THE PUCK & Carb Cap Tools have a Shovel, Pic/Scoop or Ball tip
  • THE PUCK and Carb Caps have a 45° angled vent hole for smooth vortextual vaporization
  • E PUCK has a 1” Titanium flat side for Bangers and flip side is a graduated domed Carb that fits up to a 22mm diameter nail
  • Swappable tools available for Carb Caps—Shovel, Pic/Scoop or Ball
  • 22mm Grade 2 Titanium Carb Cap
  • Carb Cap wood handles available in 2” Pocket- or a 3.5” Midi-size
  • Carb Cap Tool total length from base to tip – 5.5” Pocket; 7” Midi
  • All Grade 2 Titanium—custom milled by Mystic Timber